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Practical Systems April 2018 eNews

Integrity of information essential in current market

April CEO Report To mitigate the risks associated with a volatile market, producers need robust and reliable processes to provide... View Article

Systems that stand the test of time

Client Profile: Luci Rafferty Patrick and Elaine Rafferty have been with Practical Systems from the very beginning. For 25 years... View Article


Practical Systems March 2018 eNews

Mark Morton in the Kimberleys.

Focus on farming’s future

CEO Report: February 2018 As CEO, Mark Morton often provides advice to customers. But what lead him to this point... View Article


Data drives decisions at Macquarie Wagyu

Client Profile: Chantal & Anthony Winter For almost a decade, Anthony and Chantal Winter have been farm managers at Macquarie... View Article

Practical Systems February 2018 eNews

Recording right from the start

Client Profile: Jamie Sturrock A clean slate can mean getting recording right from the beginning. Knowing in advance what you... View Article

CEO Report: February 2018

Five risks you can avoid using data you already collect You can’t avoid collecting information about your farm, your finances,... View Article

Practical Systems January 2018 eNews

Growing together for better business

Client Profile: Mark Barden Mark and Janet Barden run ‘Glenwarrie’ and ‘Tyrone’ near Edgeroi NSW and are broadacre winter crop... View Article

CEO Report: January 2018

A matter of trust Many of our customers tell similar stories to Mark Barden’s. After meeting Hugh Beattie, myself or... View Article

Practical Systems December 2017 eNews

Practical Systems November 2017 eNews

In any business, data is crucial to effective management, but to use it correctly there are two things you need:... View Article

Practical Systems October 2017 eNews

Our initiative to reposition Cashbook in the connected environment continues to gain momentum, very pleased with our innovative approach to... View Article

Practical Systems August 2017 eNews

The end of winter is near and the new financial year well underway. The highlight for August was the opportunity... View Article

Practical Systems June 2017 eNews

What a fantastic time to be farming. Our customers are presented with a combination of low interest rates, a range... View Article

Practical Systems May 2017 eNews


PS Stockhand

   What is Stockhand?  Stockhand is an app that synchronises with your Stockbook data. This means that all of your... View Article

Practical Systems January 2017 eNews

Here we are, it is 2017 with the traditional January hot weather and summer storms.It is an exciting time with... View Article