Sheep & beef cattle grazing

Easy to use, online grazing management tool

MaiaGrazing from $60/month

MaiaGrazing is an easy to use, online grazing management tool that helps farmers maximise their pastures and profits in the good times and reduce risks when it’s tough.


 Understand your true carrying capacity
 Make informed decisions faster
 Optimise production
 Save time


On-demand grazing performance analytics required for decision making
Personalised stocking rate to carrying capacity benchmarking
Easy to use and adaptable grazing planning tools
Livestock tracking and reconciliation made easy
Live stockflow (gross margin) reporting at enterprise and stock class
Off-line app for graziers with limited mobile/internet coverage
iPhone and Android compatible
Backed by Australian based support and industry specialists
Any device, anytime, anywhere

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Not just another record keeping piece of software…

With MaiaGrazing … the PLAN becomes the RECORD









Doing what you do anytime, anywhere, produces the record with no extra effort. Always available and always correct.

MaiaGrazing provides managers the customised decison support they need when they need it.

Current and forecasted carrying capacity analysis for your property with no extra effort.

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