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Stockbook Freeware

What is Freeware?

Stockbook Freeware is an entry level version of Stockbook available free of charge. Practical Systems’ Stockbook Freeware is livestock management software ideal for small operations who do not run a large number of animals or need the full reporting ability of the commercial version.

Save Money

Use the analytical reports in Stockbook Freeware to identify and remove unproductive and under-performing animals from your herd. Focus on the most profitable sires with high fertility rates and better offspring. Turn your data into something useful.


Turn your animal data into useful reports

Stockbook Freeware is an entry level version of Stockbook; and as the name suggests, it is free.

To install Stockbook Freeware download a free demonstration copy of Stockbook from our website.

For 30 days you will be running a demonstration version of Stockbook and have complete access to all functions and reports.

At the end of the 30 days you have two options:

  1. Purchase Stockbook
  2. Register for a Freeware Version:
    Go to File > Registration, fill in the required details and an unlock (activation) code will be emailed to you.

The best way to get started is to use the Quick Start Guide. There is also a comprehensive help menu within the Stockbook program for you to refer to.

If you later wish to upgrade to a higher level of Stockbook all data that you have entered can be easily transferred from your demonstration or Freeware version; saving you from having to double handle your data.

As a Stockbook Freeware client, Practical Systems are offering the use of our technical support team for one month at no cost. You can email the team at  or ring on 1800 624 688 Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 5:30pm (AEST). We recommend you take advantage of our support team during this period to build your confidence in using the program.


Jock McLaren

Stud producers, like us at Nerstane, who do a lot with progeny testing and EBVs, could definitely get a lot out of Stockbook. It is user-friendly and reliable. Not...

Jock McLaren

Fraser James

Using a combination of accounting and individual animal software from Practical Systems, Fraser James can confidently make the right management decisions for his farming enterprise at Guy Fawkes Station,...

Fraser James