It’s happened … Precision ag for grazing

It’s happened … Precision ag for grazing

Precision Ag has existed in cropping for decades. This has enabled farmers to respond to intra-field variability in crops to boost production, optimise returns on inputs and plan future production based on robust evidence. Until recently, the complexity involved in grazing businesses such as continuous stock movements, multiple stock classes, variability of pastures / seasons etc has meant there has been no easy way to apply these same Precision Ag principles to grazing businesses … that is until MaiaGrazing.

Every grazier has the data they need to make timely, informed decisions. Maia Grazing simply makes it an effortless reality.  A producer simply records the things they record anyway such as mob movements, rainfall, splitting mobs on their own device (mobile/tablet/laptop). With just this data, MaiaGrazing provides rich insights into their production position and future production capacity specific to their property and season. With this information, a grazier is armed with the full knowledge they require to make the “what next” decisions with confidence.

To make this even easier, MaiaGrazing is now available as an off-line app for subscribers. This supports graziers whose limited mobile/internet coverage throttles their ability to exploit technology and enhance business outcomes.

Far more than just a record keeping app, MaiaGrazing unlocks the decision support knowledge used by leading graziers and makes it accessible to all producers who aspire to boost their performance, manage their grazing risk and drive profitability.

The future of grazing has arrived.

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