Rob & Katrina Blomfield

Rob & Katrina Blomfield

Despite the significant technological changes over the past 20 years, Cashbook Connect has remained a constant for many of our loyal clients. Here is a recent account from one of our original clients:

We started using Practical Systems’ Cashbook Connect when it was first released and we have grown with it as it developed into the dynamic accounting software that it is today.

Our accountant at that time was happy to incorporate the software into his business and he used a complimentary copy of the program to access our reconciled files for our taxation work.

Some years on, we changed accountants and our new accounting firm insisted that we use a different software package for our accounting. They wanted all their clients to use the same software and they received commissions from the software developer when clients purchased the new software. We spent two days in training so we could use the new software and struggled with it over the next 2-3 years. During that time we continued to use Cashbook Connect as well because the new software was lacking user friendly features in some areas such as payroll and stock trading accounts.

After using this new software and not feeling comfortable with it and being frustrated that we had to maintain two software programs, we expressed our desire to go back to using Cashbook Connect only. The reasons were multiple: we find Cashbook Connect is an extremely user-friendly program and it has all the features we need to run our business effectively. It is simple to use with easy data entry and editing. It also has a good budgeting program, excellent payroll feature, bank reconciliation & BAS features, livestock accounts and very good financial reporting.

An extra feature which we find extremely useful, as we manage our own family Superannuation Funds, is the Investment Register which allows us to keep track of all our Superannuation investments including the profits & losses, capital gains and total annual returns on the investments.

The technical support is excellent so we can’t really recommend it highly enough.

We changed our accountant to Bob Locke from Accounting Pty Ltd back in 2005. Our desire to continue using Cashbook Connect was one of the reasons which prompted this change. We knew Bob had a very good understanding of the software and could help us with technical support and advice when needed. Accounting made the process of changing accountants very easy for us. Our experience with the firm has exceeded our expectations and the relationship has made a difference to the underlying profitability of our business and added significant value to our family business group. We remain very happy Cashbook Connect users!”



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